If you want to use internet on your PC/Laptop or tablets, Zong internet device packages are best for you. These 4G plans are totally different from Zong data SIM packages. You can activate any of the Zong MBB plans depending on your needs.

To activate the Zong 4G device package, you must first purchase a device because the packages on prepaid SIMs can not be activated. Currently, Zong offers 4 different types of 4G devices, which you can buy at your nearest franchise or nearest store.

Zong Internet Device PackagesZong Internet Device Packages


Before you jump to Zong Internet Device Packages, you can check out the list of Zong 4G devices you can get:

 Zong Internet Device Packages



Price of Zong 4G Bolt+ is Rs. 3,000 and you can connect up-to 10 devices at a time. This include mobiles, laptops, LEDs, tablets etc. This device is available on all the Zong retail stores or you can order it online as well.



It’s a device that looks like a USB and similar to PTCL wingle, you can connect it to your laptop to get access to Zong Internet. It is a plug n play type device and you can connect up to 10 WiFi devices with it and the price of Zong 4G Bolt is Rs. 2,000.


Zong 4G Bolt Device Packages

It is a mobile Wi-Fi device and connects up-to 10 devices at a time. Best thing about it, if you order it right now, you will get 10% discount. Zong 4G Bolt+ (Fiber Home) is rechargeable device and offers 6 hours working time. Its price is just Rs. 2,700.


Zong 4G Bolt Device Packages

This device is similar to a USB and works like plug n play. All you need is to plug it into your PC/Laptop and enjoy the super fast Zong internet. Price of Zong 4G Bolt Fiber Home is just Rs. 2,000 and is available on all retail stores and franchises.


For Zong devices, there are variety of plans that a user can activate, this includes Zong 50GB package for a year and bundle of monthly internet packages. You can get all the latest information about offers by calling Zong 4G device helpline. Below you will find Zong MBB packages details and information on how to activate Zong internet device plans:

Bundle Price Details Validity
Zong Device
Packages Monthly
Rs. 1,500 24GB 1 Month
Rs. 2,500 65GB 1 Month
Rs. 5,000 100GB 1 Month
Rs. 8,000 150GB 1 Month
Rs. 10,000 200GB 1 Month
3 Months Packages Rs. 4,000 24GB/Month 3 Months
6 Month Packages Rs. 10,000 50GB/Month 6 Months
12 Months Packages Rs. 18,000 50GB/Month 12 Months

As you can see in the above table, Zong offers 8 different packages for Zong Internet devices. It starts with a monthly package of Rs. 1500 and goes up to Rs.18000 annual package, which offers 50GB Zong Internet. To check Zong remaining balance or Internet MBs, just install My Zong App on your smartphone.

Activation of Zong 4G devices packages is very simple, all you need to do is to visit your nearest retailer and recharge your Zong master number account. Another method of Zong MBB recharge is to use their online service and pay via Credit/Debit card.


There are 3 different methods of unsubscribe from Zong internet device packages. Below you will find details of all the methods:

Method 1

Dial Zong 4G helpline number 310 and ask the call center representative to unsubscribe/deactivate your Zong MBB package. He will do it instantly from the Zong portal.

Method 2

Visit your nearest Zong service center/franchise/retailer and request them to deactivate your Zong device package.

Method 3

Open Zong portal and login the page using Username – Admin and Password – admin. Click on ZONG SERVICES tab and here you can easily unsubscribe from Zong 4G device package.

These are all details of Zong internet device packages, if you have questions about that, you can post it via the comment box below. Stay tuned for more information and guidance on Zong Internet Packages.

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