How To Share Balance In Zong To Zong SIM, Code 2018

Zong Balance Share has made it simple to share mobile balance from one Zong number to another Zong umber. It named the service as Zong Yaari Load, means stay in touch with your beloved ones all the time. Do not worry about who you love more because they are out of whack because you can share your Zong balance with them at any time.

Zong Balance ShareBe it your sister or your brother or friends in distress, you can impress someone with Zong Yaari Load who wants to share the mobile balance with someone. Before we take our discussion to the next level, it is important to mention that this service only applies to prepaid customers. Only the balance of one prepaid number to another prepaid number can be shared.

How to Share Balance from Zong to Zong

  • Step 1: Dial *828#
  • Step 2: Enter Recipient Mobile Number
  • Step 3: Enter amounts to be shared
  • Step 4: Reply with 1 to confirm balance transfer

Zong Balance Share Charges

The one who is sharing the balance will be charged Rs. 2+tax as service charges

You can also make a request to your friends and family to get the mobile balance.

How to Get Zong Balance from Friends and Family
  • Step 1: Dial *829#
  • Step 2: Enter the mobile number from which you want to request the balance
  • Step 3: Enter amounts to be shared
  • Validity Of Balance
Amount Balance Transferred Additional Validity (Incoming & Outgoing)
10 – 50 15 days or existing whichever is higher.
51 – 99 30 days or existing whichever is higher.
100- 199 60 days or the existing whichever is higher.


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